CARTHA – On Making Heimat

CARTHA – On Making Heimat

How can migrants settle and feel at home far away from their native environment? This book offers essential contributions to the international discourse on migration issues in contemporary architecture and urban design.



Title Information

CARTHA Editorial Board: Elena Chiavi, Pablo Garrido Arnaiz, Francisco Moura Veiga, Guillem Pujol Borràs, Francisco Ramos Ordóñez, Júlia Trias Jurado, Rubén Valdez

1st edition

, 2017


128 pages

10.5 x 15.8 cm

ISBN 978-3-03860-053-4


Since 2014, CARTHA has provided a platform for critical thinking on architecture aiming to bridge the gap between theoretical and practical approaches to contemporary architecture. Each year, CARTHA initiates research and publishes four issues on a topic in its online magazine, which are then brought together in an annual book.

In 2016, CARTHA collaborated with the German Pavilion at the International Architecture Exhibition of the 2016 Venice Biennale. Titled Making Heimat: Germany, Arrival Country, the German Pavilion explored the challenges and potential of the recent influx of refugees to Germany has posed for architecture and urban design, and contributions to CARTHA further reflect on this topic. The book features interviews with Giovanna Borasi of the Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal; David Harvey of the Graduate Center, CUNY; Loren B. Landau of Wits University in Johannesburg; Iverna McGowan of Amnesty International; Saskia Sassen of Columbia University; and Anna Terrón of United Nations University, Barcelona. Further contributors include After Belonging Agency; Arno Brandlhuber, Brandlhuber+; Alfredo Brillembourg, Humbert Klumpner, and Alexis Kalagas; Guillem Pujol Borràs and Júlia Trias Jurado; Irena Ghidikova; Thomas Jezequel; and Parasite 2.0. Foreword by Oliver Elser, Peter Cachola Schmal, and Anna Scheuermann.


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Authors & Editors

Elena Chiavi

Pablo Garrido Arnaiz

Francisco Moura Veiga

Guillem Pujol Borràs

Francisco Ramos Ordóñez

Júlia Trias Jurado

Ruben Valdez