City Lust

City Lust

London Guangzhou Lagos Dubai Houston

Charlie Koolhaas presents a timely dialogue between words and images about a crucial moment in our recent history: the apotheosis of globalization and its current unraveling.




Charlie Koolhaas

1st edition

, 2020

Text in English


412 pages, 354 color illustrations

20.5 x 30 cm

ISBN 978-3-85881-804-1


In her new book, Charlie Koolhaas takes us to London, Guangzhou, Lagos, Dubai and Houston, cities in which she has either lived or worked. Her personal and humorous account explores the rapid changes taking place in these culturally vastly different metropolises that are being united by the influences of global trade and the evolution of a shared global culture. A captivating combination of photographic documentary and written testimony. City Lust portrays a global landscape that contradicts the current pessimism—to reveal new creativities, unexpected possibilities and intimate connections that emerge despite huge global and economic divides.


Charlie Koolhaas, born 1977 in London, graduated in sociology from New York University and in Interactive Media from Goldsmith’s, University of London. She lives and works as an artist, photographer, and writer in Rotterdam. She has taught visual culture theory at TU Delft and Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam, and has been a visiting lecturer at Strelka Institute in Moscow, ETH Zurich, HEAD Geneva, and Harvard Graduate School of Design.

Autoren & Herausgeber

Interview mit Charlie Koolhaas im niederländischen Fernesehen VPRO Mondo! Das Viedeo finden Sie hier!


«Charlie Koolhaas hat eine Art Alltagsfotografie entwickelt, ungeschönt und deshalb spannungsreich. Im Kontrast mit ihrem kenntnisreichen Essay über die heutigen globalen Handelswege und deren alltägliche Protagonisten
entsteht ein wunderbares Bekenntnis zu unserer heutigen städtischen
Welt.» Steffen Kühn, KULTUR-EXTRA

«Eine fesselnde Kombination aus fotografischer Dokumentation und schriftlichem Zeugnis.» Regina Plaar, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photographie e.V.